Bagmaya creates the bags you need for the sustainable lifestyle you want. Backpacks, bum bags and yoga mat bags handcrafted with hemp in Nepal by people from disadvantaged communities.

Bagmaya sells eco-friendly bags, ethically made by people from disadvantaged communities in Nepal

The mission and goals of Bagmaya are a beautiful intermix of conscious capitalism, sustainability, and social good. Their mission is to help people become more aware of the impacts of their purchases, and give them better alternatives and solutions to their problems, in this case, through sustainable bags.

Born from a volunteering project in a rural village in Nepal, Bagmaya strives to create social change, educating society in the UK whilst empowering local people in Nepal.
They focus on creating handmade, unique, durable backpacks with plastic-free packaging that are practical for any type of day travel you can think of.

Their purpose is to help you in your journey towards a more sustainable life. They want to help bridge the gap between fashion accessories and sustainability.
Because the Bagmaya team believes you can look and feel awesome whilst having a positive impact in the world.

Sustainability Factors

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Brand Values

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