Being a sustainable business owner can be lonely.

Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to save the world from your own little island.

What if it felt more like fulfilling a role in your community of like-minded sustainable brands?

What if you could easily work with other vetted brands, each playing their own parts to elevate the sustainable industry, while growing your own small business?

The Living Brand Directory serves two distinct purposes...

Living Brand Directory Green Mountain Design

To provide sustainably-minded shoppers with an easy place to browse through trusted brands that are focused on different aspects of sustainability.

To give sustainable brand owners a place to promote their brand, and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

I’m a brand owner, how do I get involved?

The Living Brand Directory is currently in Beta.

Brands who join any tier for now will gain access to Affiliated tier promotional benefits for a limited time.


Step 1: Listed

Get Listed on the Directory
FREE Forever
  • Directory Listing
  • LDB Member Badge

Step 2: Affiliated

Get listed & Promoted
FREE *Affiliate Link Required
  • Directory Listing
  • LDB Member Badge
  • Dedicated Social Post
  • Brand Highlight via Email
  • Access to Paid Features

Step 3: Connected

Join our Cross Promotion Community
Coming Soon
  • Directory Listing
  • LDB Member Badge
  • Dedicated Social Post
  • Lower Cost Access to Paid Features
  • Access to Private, Vetted, non-Facebook Cross Promotional Brand Community

Ready to get started?

Each brand fills out a little questionnaire so that we know whether you’re a good fit, what to put on your listing, and what filters to list you under. Choose one of the tiers above and click Apply Here!

Once you’re approved to be on the Living Brand Directory we will make sure that we have your listing information just right!

When we have you listed on the website, we will give you access to the LBD brand assets so that you can share it on your own website and social media! You will be able to use your LBD Badge wherever you would like as long as you are listed on our directory.

Browse. Connect. Grow.