Interview with Breene Murphy – VP of Strategy at Carbon Collective | EnvironMental Podcast

sustainable investment with Breene Murphy and Carbon Collective

In this episode of the EnvironMental Podcast, we got very excited about Sustainable Investing as we spoke with Breene Murphy, the VP of Strategy for the Carbon Collective. Breene took this sleepy topic and turned our heads with his optimistic view on climate crisis solutions and sustainable investment.

After talking with Breene, we are fully on board with sustainable investing being a vital part of combating the climate crisis. It means making investments in companies and startups that are reducing carbon emissions that will also provide financial returns.

What is Sustainable Investing?

Sustainability investing is a type of investment that seeks to make money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other negative impacts on the environment. But it isn’t just about finding a cool startup and throwing money at it in hopes that they will eventually be profitable. Investing for sustainability has three distinct, and important, facets:

  1. Divesting from companies that can’t exist in a zero carbon world
  2. Reinvesting in companies focusing on climate crises
  3. Pressuring existing companies that can support the sustainable transition globally

These three principles come directly from the Carbon Collective! So with Carbon Collective, you don’t have to worry about choosing a sustainable option because every option is sustainable. You simply have to choose the investment portfolio with the risk level you feel comfortable with!

Why Should You Care About Sustainable Investment?

If you care about the future of our planet, then sustainability investing should be a top goal for you. By making investments that reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts, we can help ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.

Investing in companies that are doing good in the world while removing funds from companies that are taxing the environment can change the world. Sustainable investing allows you to make the largest impact with your money. You’re funding companies that are helping to remove carbon from the air and you’re helping to pressure large businesses to shore up their carbon emissions!

The Benefits of Sustainable Investments with Carbon Collective

Investing in companies that are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful environmental impacts has been proven to be one of the best ways to protect the environment. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, investors who invest in companies with strong environmental performance outperform those who do not by an average of 20%.

Any investing company can offer a sustainable profile. That’s great! Or is it? The problem here is that a typical investment firm funds themselves predominately with investments in companies that are not good for the environment. These are the fossil fuel companies and plastic bottle (er… bottled water?) brands of the world that spend more money on greenwashing than they do on their sustainable initiatives. We’re excited about Carbon Collective because they don’t have investment profiles that include these harmful companies at all.

The whole goal of the Carbon Collective is to help fund startups that are working towards a positive impact! And that makes perfect sense to us as one of the best ways to solve the climate crisis! We have been learning about the ins and outs of sustainability and the climate crisis for years now. One of the most consistent takeaways is that there just isn’t enough investment in the technology. Well, with companies like Carbon Collective, we can turn the tide! Sustainable investment is a way that we can amplify our own impacts WHILE planning for our own futures with optimism!

If you want to talk to someone at Carbon Collective about migrating your investment, go to their website:

They make it easy to migrate to their service. And the don’t charge fees because they have a higher purpose: to save the world!