NuOceans makes sandals and from unrecyclable flip flops and waste collected from the oceans.

Less than a handful of companies worldwide use foam plastic waste as raw material. NuOceans was born from the idea to design a model that not only cleans the environment but also avoids further pollution: circular economy model for the manufacture of sustainable sandals.

Many industries currently produce huge amounts of waste and we are polluting the environment at unprecedented rates with the fast fashion industry being one of the biggest culprits. NuOceans’ goal is to be a sustainable brand that does not contribute to this pollution. A brand that cleans our oceans for current and future generations to enjoy.

“We can only be a truly sustainable brand if we are responsible every step of the way along the supply chain and close the loop of waste and pollution.”

The NuOceans sandals are made from 100% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable. They recuperate ocean waste flip flops for the making of new sandals, which not only cleans our environment but also prevents the need to use more energy and resources to produce new virgin plastics to produce our products.

But for this sustainable sandals brand, sustainability extends much beyond just the product. For NuOceans we not only hope that our products are sustainable by using waste materials that are not currently utilised; it is important that we are all mindful of the products we use and what happens to them after their end of life. That is why we offer a recollection scheme for our end of life products.

Everything they do is about freeing the oceans from plastic. But plastic pollution is such a large scale issue that the only way to solve it is through large scale cooperation across multiple sectors and industries. They believe that if we work together, and teach new generations to avoid our old mistakes, we can reverse the damage and create a sustainable world.

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