Child’s Way – Organic Kids Clothes

Child’s Way is an organic kids’ clothing brand based in Lima, Peru that uses 100% organic Peruvian cotton and remnants of fabrics used in other garments to create their products.

Why We Love this brand

They create their clothing out of 100% Pakucho organic cotton from Naturtex. This type of cotton uses ancient farming techniques and is grown 100% organically on small farms. The cotton is harvested manually, and it is naturally pigmented, so it doesn’t need to be dyed! (ohh beautiful!)

We Asked the brand...


Our vision is to be one of the best brands that promote harmony between the fashion industry, the environment and revalue native cotton as a heritage of our ancient pre-Columbian cultures.


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Full Brand Story

The Child’s Way team is led by Katherine Mory Jorahua, who envisioned the sustainable business model while working on her undergraduate degree. Her mission is to make clothes of the highest quality, with Peruvian organic fabrics, while providing ethical employment to women. The Child’s Way fabrics are organic and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which means that they ensure the human rights of the workers have been respected, they’re paid a living wage, and that no ecosystem was altered.