Equal=Ibrium – Sustainable Skin Care

Equal=Ibrium is an independent, sustainable skin care and body care brand committed to making positive change.

Why We Love this brand

Equal=Ibrium is dedicated to reducing single use plastic in the bathroom. They do not use single use plastic and they offer a free return scheme on all their product packaging.

We Asked the brand...


We are going to carry on being sustainable as this has been a core value right from the start!


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Full Brand Story

Angela is the founder of Equal=Ibrium. She lives and works in South Wales.

In 2018, Angela started making cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients for herself and her family, and found that they had a huge impact on the health of their skin. What started out as a mission to find the most suitable skincare range for her and her family, turned into a passion project.And Equal=Ibrium was born.

Angela researched naturally derived ingredients, sustainable packaging, ethical manufacturing. She found a UK based company that could support the Equal=Ibrium concept and ethically produce the natural range of skin care products. Now, Equal=Ibrium is an independent business with a passion for the environment and animal welfare. They focus on supporting local and working with other local, independent businesses whenever possible.

Angela creates these products so that every single is safe for her own family. She says, “I wouldn’t dream of selling something I didn’t trust on my loved ones, to you.”