Funkies – Handmade Cotton Handkerchiefs

Reusable handmade cotton handkerchiefs, zero waste accessories, and upcycled travel pouches.

Why We Love this brand

We love Funkies because they’re making the sustainable lifestyle more FUN! Sure, they’re selling hankies – pocket squares if you will. It seems small, but they’re solving a problem that has gone completely unnoticed. Single use tissues have GOT to go.

Funkies is also developed by two women that want to help folks adopt habits that are more sustainable (sounds a little familiar) and we love that.

We Asked the brand...


Funkies aims to create products that encourage reuse and a life-long habit change. They’re on a mission to reduce single-use tissues. They want to see everyone using hankies before the end of the decade.


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Full Brand Story

Funkies was born in summer 2021 when two eco-conscious friends – Alice & Kelly – got together for coffee and ended up chatting about future habit changes they could adopt. They found themselves discussing hankies rather than tissues but agreed the idea grossed them out a bit! What do you do with it once you’ve used it?

Then they realised their handbags were full of half used, plastic-wrapped travel tissues.

So, the idea played on Alice and Kelly’s minds and they soon came up with some great changes to the old fashioned handkerchief – fun, bright designs were key. Plus a solution to fold away the nastiness. Then, to help get rid of the wads, they came up with the idea for a travel pouch.

It wasn’t long before the sewing machine came out and Alice whipped up some Funkies – organic cotton handkerchiefs! Their business focus has always been on zero waste and minimum impact on the planet. Leftover fabric is turned into accessories, an electric car is used to attend meetings and they re-use materials wherever possible.