Good Organics – Natural Toothpaste Tablets

An organic and natural toothpaste tablets company that means business when it comes to sustainability!


Why We Love this brand

Good Organics is a stepping stone to a larger, more sustainable future. A means to grow the voice of humanity and a way to (not so) quietly disrupt the system as it stands today.

We Asked the brand...


We wish change the world back towards small communities supporting each other, sharing their passions and being kind to the Earth.


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Full Brand Story

They own a genuine passion for health and longevity. They are on a mission to bring back the Good in the world, one small step at a time. They started where everyone begins their day – waking up to brush their teeth. The research on toothpaste ingredients revealed shocking results. Many of them were toxic, so they decided to eliminate those ingredients and create their own unique formula. And the Good Organics Natural Toothpaste Tablets were born! The formula does everything you would expect from your toothpaste: cleans, whitens, remineralizes, repairs defects, prevents tooth decay, maintains good oral health and leaves you refreshed with fresh breath. Their packaging is completely free of plastic – even the refill packages are compostable! Their products are NEVER tested on animals, and they are made from natural ingredients that are completely toxic free!