Harleco – Sustainable Activewear

Eco-friendly women’s activewear range made from beautiful recycled fabrics. Most products are made in the UK.

Why We Love this brand

Harleco makes it an easy choice to buy high-quality activewear with guilt free purchase. Their honest, open approach means people trust they have put in the hard work to offer them the best, sustainable fashion they can buy. This brand truly focuses on making the best choices for their products so you know exactly what you are buying, and who you’re buying it from. Even the Harleco packaging is compostable!

We Asked the brand...


We would love sustainable, honest brands to become a much wider option for consumers. Fashion shouldn’t damage the planet and we should be setting an example for the next generation. I would love to see lots more innovative eco-friendly options for fabrics and packaging as soon as possible. I would also love to spread knowledge and education around the subject of sustainability.


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Full Brand Story

Harleco is a small England based company that designs their products with care and love. The team is impressive in their research for the best fabrics, designs and sustainable choices throughout the business. Harleco’s products are manufactured in England, with fabrics that are sourced from Europe. In the future, they hope to be able to even source their fabrics from the UK to keep it local.