MILABELL- Upcycled Fashion

What if we could recycle our old clothes, reuse pre-loved fabrics, and reduce our overall consumption – and still look great while we did it?
Enter: MILABELL. By embroidering, painting and redesigning they assure that every item is ready for its second life.

Why We Love this brand

They take pieces that are often part of the mass-produced fashion industry and turn each one into a unique, MILABELL original.

We Asked the brand...


Upcycling our clothes gives them a second life. By not using new materials, we try to reduce the amount of harm we cause the planet. When upcycling old items into something new, you can rewear the items you no longer wanted, because they weren’t the right fit or may have stained over time. All our items are reworked secondhand items, which makes them part of the slow fashion industry. We actively reduce the amounts of textile waste by using these already used and available garments for our label. Because everyone needs a bit of slow fashion in their wardrobe.


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Full Brand Story

“It doesn’t have to be new to be awesome.” This quote puts into words what MILABELL stands for. Their goal is to break the stigma around secondhand garments. MILABELL, pronounced as My Label, contributes to a better environment with the slow fashion items they create. All of their pieces are made from secondhand items you typically wouldn’t look at twice, but they embroider, paint, and redesign each one to fit in today’s fashion.

The goal? To change the world, one upcycled item at a time.

Mijke and Laurette are the faces behind MILABELL. They’re two totally different people, both with their own unique style, creating under the MILABELL name. It makes the brand truly unique. Both lady’s style can be recognized in the pieces they hand craft. Each piece is upcycled with love – their clothes don’t look old and used, but they are absolutely secondhand. We all want to feel pretty and confident in our clothes. And what better way to feel this when the items are also sustainable! Feel pretty, feel confident, wear sustainable, wear MILABELL.