Palanan – Plastic Free Products at Home

Lovingly handcrafted, plastic-free and biodegradable alternatives for your home.

Why We Love this brand

To put it mildly, we love this brand because Palanan’s plastic free products and mission are beautiful.

Their products are produced in Taiwan, where the founders lived and started their family. So not only do they have a direct connection with their factories and their sourcing, they’re intimately familiar with the culture they’re creating within.

The Palanan team is also uniquely dedicated to using as little packaging as possible with their plastic free products and everything they create is biodegradable so when it’s not useful anymore, it can go back to the earth – not sit in a landfill for 100s of years!

We Asked the brand...


The Palanan team is composed of materials experts who have years of experience under their belts, conducting extensive research on the latest changes in science. Their goal is to present effective, plastic free products that take the place of plastic and act as sustainable solutions for your home.


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Full Brand Story

Palanan is a completely no-waste brand that is dedicated to helping people on their journey to zero-waste, through education, research, and eco-friendly products. Founded by lovers of nature, we’re on a mission to cultivate a community mindful of their waste.

With over a decade of consumer-facing experience, we began to recognize the pernicious effects of our unsustainable habits. The way we shop, eat, and clean is evidence of a large carbon footprint. Our feelings were confirmed when our home countries, Taiwan and Canada, began to ban plastics. It became clear that consumer mindsets were gradually shifting, so we created a brand that we know can take part.