PlanetCare – Microplastic Laundry Filters

Stop invisible pollution at its source with the microfiber laundry filter from PlanetCare!

Why We Love this brand

A small change in your laundry routine will prevent 700,000 microfibers from entering the oceans.

PlanetCare is fueling policy changes. They are actively involved in conversations with governments – and they’ve already made a difference in France, where filters will be required on all new washing machines starting in 2025!! WOW!

We Asked the brand...


At PlanetCare we believe in good. Good materials. Good deals. Good people. A better world where microfiber filters are mandatory.


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Full Brand Story

PlanetCare has developed a microfiber filter that anyone can use to stop this invisible pollution at its source – the washing machine. You are stopping microplastic pollution released by your clothes from reaching the environment.

It’s not just about stopping these fibers from the source. What happens next is just as important! That’s why PlanetCare developed a closed-loop solution where you can return your used filters to PlanetCare, and they’ll send new ones to your house!

The used cartridges are cleaned, the microfibers are professionally disposed of, and 95% of used cartridges are reused while the other 5% are recycled. With PlanetCare, every laundry counts.