Kiss Ass Quilts – Online Quilting Classes

Choose mindfulness through the zen hobby of quilting.

Why We Love this brand

Kiss Ass Quilts is on a mission to show people that quilting isn’t just a hobby for Grannies and Aunties.

Rianne teaches people to tap into their inner mindfulness and find their new, zen hobby. Not only does she partner with local second hand stores to get her own materials to make quilts, she encourages customers to use their old clothes!

We Asked the brand...


Rianne wants to make the world we live in a home again for people through connection, sustainability, mindfulness, and the magic of quilting. Kiss Ass Quilts is global and inclusive, so she is operating with a ‘pay what you can’ option for her online quilting classes.


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Full Brand Story

We all have those clothes. It’s that awesome band shirt from your high-school years, that sari from the wedding of your best friend, a shirt with bicycles of your grandfather that shows how much fun the old man is, or that flared hippie pants that made you feel so, so cool that summer when you went backpacking and found so much love! Or something else, your clothes tell your story.

However, those clothes are in limbo now: you can’t bear to throw them away, but you also can’t wear them any more. So instead they move around your house in piles of shame, or they are banished to an unnamed corner or box somewhere. They are like Schrödinger clothes: do they really still hold that memory you keep them for, or is the memory gone because the clothes are not in use anymore?

What if I told you, you can turn those clothes into a lasting memory you can use in your day-to-day life. With quilting techniques, you’ll turn the clothes into a mini memory quilt. You can use the mini memory quilt as a coaster, so every time you enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of gin, you are reminded of those memories when you put the cup down. Also, you can sneak the mini-quilt in your pocket, so every time you have an important presentation you can take the good memories with you to give you strength.