Sanctuary Innerwear – Sustainable Nightgowns and Loungewear

Sanctuary Innerwear is a healthy layer between you and your clothes. Hand made from certified sustainable Lenzing TENCEL® (eucalyptus) fabric, the line further commits to your health through plant dyes and an herbal infusion.

Why We Love this brand

All of the Sanctuary Innerwear fabric is Tencel fabric from Lenzing, which is produced using a closed loop system that creates super soft, breathable fabric from wood pulp. The dyes and the herbal infusions for every piece come from Anna’s chemical-free garden (or sourced sustainably if she’s not able to grow it herself).

We Asked the brand...


I hope to demonstrate that clothing can be made sustainably, and even positively impact people and planet. My approach is that I make things that honour plants and encourage the wearer to commune with them as part of their daily intentional living.


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Full Brand Story

Founder, Anna Luckai created Sanctuary Innerwear to give you the opportunity to bring the goodness of plants into your day from the moment you wake up. To say this brand is a labor of love is an understatement. She hand designs and makes every piece of clothing herself and she keeps the supply chain short, verified, and completely transparent. Many brands claim to be sustainable. This one truly is. Your clothing should help you stay well. This line actually does.