SOL TERRA SHOP – Eco-Friendly Alternatives

SOL TERRA SHOP makes it easier to shop eco-friendly products with easy to read ingredients. All natural and organic products with plastic free packaging!

Why We Love this brand

SOL TERRA SHOP provides natural alternatives to everyday products and environmentally conscious travel products. Their apparel is made from recycled plastic, hemp, or 100% organic cotton. The bath and body products that you find in their shop are handmade with all natural and organic ingredients.

We Asked the brand...


We feel it’s important to convey the benefits of using natural products, and to promote the availability of products that will create less of a carbon footprint. We strive to spread awareness about what we put on our bodies and become more mindful of what’s around us.


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Full Brand Story

SOL TERRA SHOP’s mission is to serve, nurture & sustain our precious planet and ourselves. Creating a greater sense of the heart to earth connection. Committing to preserving the environment, our greatest gift. They want to inspire others to make more conscious product choices without chemicals, preservatives or unsustainable ingredients.