Vizuri Denim - Upcycled Jeans & Streetwear

Custom denim for your fit and shape. This is the art of reusing restyling and upcycling denim into new.

Why We Love this brand

Their vision is to educate their audience and help their community take steps towards sustainable living and a circular economy.

We Asked the brand...


Our vision is to educate and learn with our audience and collectively take step towards sustainable living. We also want to mend as much denim as possible and create a zero waste cycle


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Full Brand Story

Vizuri Denim uses upcycled jeans to create super cute jackets, tops, dresses, and accessories.

Vizuri founder, Adriya Sheikh, discovered that her friends all had the same problem – their jeans didn’t fit! She questions why no one was developing jeans to solve the “fit” problem and found another problem: 3 out of 4 pieces of clothing end up in landfills AND denim is the least biodegradable of all.

It turns out all this time we could have been using upcycled jeans and adjusting it to our fit. So. She decide to create jeans that fit well without the adding to waste!

Adrya was inspired by crafty individuals – and she decided that mending the recycle denim is the best approach to becoming sustainable.

She says, “this journey has helped me learn and understand how our choices are impactful on a larger scale. By mending more and thrifting we can do wonders especially if we work at it together.” Vizuri in swahilli means Good and this is Good Denim done right.