Wild – Sustainable Deodorant

Wild is a sustainable, natural, vegan deodorant free from nasty chemicals such as aluminium and sulphate! They are the first brand to produce compostable, plastic-free deodorant refills.

Why We Love this brand

As if it couldn’t get better: Wild Refills is dedicated to carbon offsetting. For every deodorant Wild sells, they contribute a percentage to the charity ‘On A Mission’, to support their incredible reforestation projects!

We Asked the brand...


Our vision is to continue to redefine sustainability in the bathroom by delivering high performing, beautiful, everyday natural and sustainable products that inspire positive change.


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Full Brand Story

Arms up, waste down – Wild is a sustainable deodorant brand with a mission to shake up the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products. Through their sustainable products, they are redefining the future of personal care. They focus on producing natural products that actually work, with zero compromise on quality – Wild stays kind to your body and its environment while offering maximum sweat security! The case is the only part of their deodorant brand that contains any aluminum, and the plastic on their case? 100% post consumer! You only need to buy a case once, and after that, you just buy their Wild deodorant refills. The refills are made from bamboo pulp. They’re 100% plastic free and at-home compostable.