Y.O.U Underwear – Organic cotton undergarments

Y.O.U underwear makes soft, stylish, organic cotton underwear for men and women that lets you look good, feel good and do good.

Why We Love this brand

The brand has created a buy-one-give-two promise in partnership with Smalls for All, a Scottish charity that collects and distributes underwear to vulnerable women and children in Africa and the UK.

We Asked the brand...


Y.O.U Underwear aims to become a business that leaves no negative trace on people or the environment through any part of its business structure. We are committed to ethical practice and sustainability across a diverse range of processes, from the sourcing of raw materials to manufacture, transport to packaging, marketing to employment.

We are especially committed to the social and environmental aspects of our impact, and seek to leave a positive legacy in both of these areas. We want to ensure the highest environmental and social standards in our product life cycle, business governance, customer relationships and in-house activities.

We believe that conscious consumerism has the power to make a massive difference, and we’re on a mission to prove that the cumulative effects of ethical shopping choices can be significant.


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Full Brand Story

Y.O.U. Underwear is a sustainable fashion brand with a difference. Their mission is to improve access to education for women and girls by donating underwear.

Their underwear is Fairtrade, PETA-approved vegan and made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and they work with one of India’s leading ethical and sustainable manufacturers. They have also embraced ethical marketing, and actively promote body positivity through their brand imagery and marketing strategies.