Wild & Pure

 Wild and Pure makes versatile and earth-friendly organic Dry Wipes and safe to use soaps for cleaning up everyday messes!

The Wild & Pure mission is twofold: the products and the community.

You see, Wild & Pure describes more than the materials and ingredients we use. It describes our earth, our children, and our hearts. It’s a brand built on radical love, here to honor all of the real, raw moments of motherhood, and the woman you were born to be.

Wild & Pure was founded from the love of babies, mothers, and the Earth we all grow on.
The team is fueled by creating and sourcing products that make it easier – and a little more fun – to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The W&P products are versatile and made to be used across generations — from baby to beauty and beyond.

They place a high value on creating reusable and biodegradable products that are effective and ethically sourced.
One thing we LOVE about Wild & Pure is the intention and understanding behind their organic dry wipes. Rochelle, the W&P founder, knows what it means to be a busy mom – sometimes you need to wipe up a mess, throw it out and go.
The dry wipes are compostable, so they are made versatile enough to be tossed without the guilt, but they can also be washed and reused!

‘We believe in bridges, products that take the best of both worlds, like in the case of our reusable/disposable wipes, and combine them together to move us all in the right direction.”

Sustainability Factors

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