Now that you’re a member, you get a Living Brand Directory Membership badge! 

This badge is only for the brands that we have vetted and approved, which is you, so please feel free to place it anywhere you see fit. 

At the end of the day, the purpose of the badge is to build awareness and consumer recognition.

The more that the directory grows, the more your audience will identify your brand as a leader in sustainability!

But the directory will only work for you and the other members if we invest in creating our community together. You’re welcome to use your badge anywhere you see fit, but here are the top three ways to promote your listing!

On an Instagram Post!

If you would like to post your badge alone, that’s perfectly fine, but your badge downloads are all vector images without backgrounds. That means you can put it on any image that you would like!

Make sure to tag us (@livingbranddirectory) and use #thelivingbrand in your hashtags on so that we can share your post in our stories to help spread the word.

On Your Website

Being associated with LBD and the other brands on the directory helps build the loyalty of the shoppers on your website.

Seeing the member badge in a banner on your homepage or in your footer will also give your shoppers a feeling of certainty when they make it to your website.

In an Email

Sending out an email to share your listing with your audience is the perfect way to remind your audience that you are a sustainable brand with a vested interest in improving the quality of life on our planet.

Please note:

You will see that we offer our Membership badge in several colors, please do not make any design changes to it.

Please let us know if you are looking for more options. Black and White are available at request, email us at to chat more!

Take Your Listing Further...

Amplify Your Content

Share your recent blog articles or content with us and we’ll feature it on our site and on social media!

Take advantage of our Instagram audience to amplify your content and get a solid backlink to your website in the process!

Level Up Your Marketing

The Living Brand Directory is run by the digital marketing duo behind Dandelion Branding

We’re giving you access! Let’s chat all things content marketing, social media, email marketing, SEO, and Website Optimization!

Reduce Your Footprint

We’ve partnered with Zero Bees, an organization that helps businesses calculate their footprint, create a reduction plan, and gain Net Zero accreditation.

Hop on a free call with their Founder Toby and start your journey towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions!

Your free call will also earn you our newest Carbon Conscious Badge for your listing!