Interview with Grace Moore – Cofounder of Atlo | EnvironMental Podcast

In this episode we welcome Grace Moore to the podcast to talk about the refillery movement and her brand, Atlo!

Atlo is pioneering the refillery movement in Atlanta, Georgia with a mobile refillery and an online accessories shop.

What is a Refillery?

A refillery is a physical store that is designed to help you reduce your usage of single use plastics and containers by offering you the ability to refill your own containers with household and personal care products.

The best refilleries, like Atlo, make sure that the products you’re purchasing are chemical-free, cruelty-free, and safe for consumption.

The EnvironMental Episode

In our chat with Grace, you’ll hear us talk about what it means to be focused on a low waste lifestyle, rather than be overwhelmed by the pressure to be zero waste.

We also talk about how refilling your products can help you on your low waste journey.

In this episode of the EnvironMental Podcast, Grace joins us to talk about how Atlo is dedicated to helping normal people make simple, sustainable changes to reduce the use of containers and single use packaging over time. Her focus is on lots of people making small reductions because she believes that a lot of people making a simple shift can make a larger impact than a few people making huge changes.