Interview with Toby Radcliffe – Cofounder of ZeroBees | EnvironMental Podcast

Zerobees helping you become a net zero company

In this episode of EnvironMental, we’re welcoming Toby Radcliffe, Cofounder of ZeroBees, to the podcast!

ZeroBees is on a mission to make it easier for every small and medium business to be considered a net zero company. They focus predominately on helping businesses reduce their CO2e by making short and long term plans with quantifiable benefits.

Why Be a Net Zero Company

Choosing the path to become a net zero company means ensuring that your business is doing everything you can to reduce your company’s impact on climate change.

Before you choose offsets, investments, and projects to give money to, invest in reducing your impact in the first place. Only when you have reduced your company’s footprint as far as possible should you choose a climate investment.

This EnvironMental Podcast

Toby talks to us about shifting our language from “reduction and offsetting” to “CO2e reduction and climate investment.” This is to ensure that people aren’t ignoring their footprint so they can throw money at the problem later.

And he reminded us of the best ways to reduce is to start with the low hanging fruit: make sure your electricity is renewable, that you’re minimizing travel, and that you’re engaging your employees in the reduction too. And then when you’ve reduced as much of your carbon footprint as possible, consider climate investment with a small project that is robust, accountable, permanent, and that you’re paying a decent amount for it!

You can learn more about Zero Bees and you can reach Toby via email here: – tell him Court and aub from the Living Brand Directory sent you!