Kin and Kloth

Ethically made luxury Turkish towels, throws and blankets for the conscious consumer. Slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms using certified raw organic cotton and dyes for exceptional quality to last a lifetime.

We hope to offer a solution to consumers who are struggling to find truly sustainable and luxury lifestyle products which have been created with care and will last a lifetime.

Created and founded by 2 sisters, Kin and Kloth was inspired by our love of Turkish design and passion to source beautiful, sustainable and non toxic lifestyle products.

We source timeless, unique products, made with care and created to last. Our chemical free towel collection is made with organic cotton and naturally dyed using only plant based dyes. Each towel is slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by Turkish Artisans. Working with some of the last weavers in villages across Southern Turkey, who have a passion for their art which translates into beautifully crafted and unique pieces.

We believe sustainability starts with providing meaningful products of exceptional quality that will stand the test of time and will be cherished for years to come.

Sustainability Factors

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Brand Values

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