Theory of Her

Feel confident in your sexuality, body, and relationships – especially the one with yourself. Made in New Zealand.

Our theory is that the more women love themselves, the better the world will be. At heart, we believe that a little more self-love goes a long way when it comes to our erotic and romantic relationships. Our goal is to create both community and products that honour this journey and encourage us all to find that love.

What started as a homemade recipe has turned into a mission to help empower women to orgasm. We wanted to share what we had stumbled upon – something that was clean, organic, safe for our bodies and Mother Nature – but something that also awakened us to a deeper world of empowered eroticism. Since then, we have grown a community of thousands of women from around the world and created a variety of products all made with Mother Nature and our bodies in mind.

We are all-organic, icky additives free. Made in New Zealand, by two sisters!

Sustainability Factors

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Brand Values

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