Party In My Pants

Party In My Pants will change the way you think and feel about your period. Forget trashy disposables and say hello to soft, gorgeous cloth pads.

Our pads make menstruation easier! We make them out of cotton so they are soft, natural, and don’t irritate the skin. They also come in 15 different sizes and tons of different patterns that will fit everyone’s needs and styles. Although reusable menstrual pads may cost more up front, they can save a menstruator thousands of dollars over their menstruating years!

Party In My Pants is a woman-owned and operated mini business. All our pads are handmade with love in Ashland, Wisconsin. We are a multi-talented bunch: product, graphic & web design, marketing, and sewing – we do it all.

Our founder, Luci, started sewing at the age of 3 and can whip up anything from a skunk costume to a wedding dress. She’s the brain behind the design of our pads! After years of frustration with conventional menstrual products, Luci sat down at her sewing machine and made her first cloth pad. She tested her creation and was so excited that she made more for family and friends. This was in the ’90s and since then we have grown our operations and now ship pads worldwide!

We believe that EVERYONE deserves access to safe, reliable, long lasting menstrual products that will make them feel good about their bodies. Nothing makes us happier than seeing how our pads can change people’s lives for the better! We strive to make our business as sustainable as possible by making products that last, using recycled and eco-friendly packaging materials and using organic cotton as much as we can.

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