Organic Savanna

All-natural skincare brand empowering communities in Kenya. 100% of profits create jobs for mothers and fund education for their children.

Socially conscious consumers want to understand how and where their products are made. Organic Savannah is connecting their consumers to the women who make their products, the farmers who grow the ingredients, and the children who are directly benefiting from each sale.

Organic Savanna is a Kenyan social enterprise with a mission to empower local communities to thrive. Their story grew from the simple idea that products should not only be made well but should also do good and empower people. In response to the hardship and unemployment they saw in our local community they started Organic Savanna as a way of empowering local women and their families to thrive.

The Organic Savannah team planted 30,000 aloe vera plants and started making ethical skincare products with the richest ingredients available around East Africa. They then reinvest 100% of their profits from each handmade product directly back into the communities around where they opperate – educating children, cleaning up the streets, employing women, and building up the local economy.

Sustainability Factors

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